The feature documentary SHEARS tells the story of the four stars of Bulgarian hairdressing - the working group K.E.N.T. - who developed their art during the Communist era in the country. 
Determined to turn their craft into an art in a time that's difficult for creative expression, they go beyond borders and restrictions to build up the art of modern hairdressing in Bulgaria.
Shears (2018), 60 min, Bulgaria
Cast: Krustyu Kapanov, Evgeni Petroff, Nedialko Nedialkov and Todor Toshev
Director: Nikolay Stefanov
Writer: Ralitsa Golemanova
DoP: Nikolay Stefanov 
Original Idea: Rusko Rusev 
Producer: Ralitsa Golemanova (Smarty Pants Shooter) & Rusko Rusev (Nouhau)
Selections: East Silver Market 2018; Mind the Indie Film Festival 2018; Thessaloniki Doc Market 2019; Master of Art Festival 2019
You can watch Shears online on Cinesquare (English), (Bulgarian) and Filmira (Bulgarian).