The feature documentary SHEARS tells the story of the four stars of Bulgarian hairdressing - the working group K.E.N.T. - who developed their art during the Communist era in the country. 
Determined to turn their craft into an art in a time that's difficult for creative expression, they go beyond borders and restrictions to build up the art of modern hairdressing in Bulgaria.
Shears (2018), 60 min, Bulgaria
Cast: Krustyu Kapanov, Evgeni Petroff, Nedialko Nedialkov and Todor Toshev
Director: Nikolay Stefanov
Writer: Ralitsa Golemanova
DoP: Nikolay Stefanov 
Original Idea: Rusko Rusev 
Producer: Smarty Pants Shooter & Nouhau
Selections: East Silver Market 2018; Mind the Indie Film Festival 2018; Thessaloniki Doc Market 2019; Master of Art Festival 2019
You can watch Shears online on Cinesquare (English), (Bulgarian) and on Filmira (Bulgarian).
The Jewel (2016)
The documentary THE JEWEL follows the transmission of an ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition to the West — the building of a monument called a "stupa," a symbol of enlightenment. The film reveals the meaning of creating stupas and presents their deep psychological and philosophical meaning. Besides the scientific and historical points of view, the narration takes the viewer through the process of the actual creation of a stupa in Bulgaria. 
The Jewel (2016), 42 min, Bulgaria
Cast: Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche, Lama Ole Nydahl
Director: Nikolay Stefanov
Writer: Ralitsa Golemanova
DoP: Nikolay Stefanov